a pair of jeans labeled according to the various aspects of the fashion industry with the title printed on a belt across the middle of the cover

Fixing Fashion: Rethinking the Way We Make, Market, and Buy Our Clothes

by Michael Lavergne Author

The fashion industry is a global behemoth. With sales in excess of $500 billion each year, and millions of people working in retail and industrial settings around the planet, it is without a doubt an enormous chunk of the world economy. But it's record - on everything from labor issues to environmental issues - is far from pretty. This book, written by an industry insider, takes a hard look at the hidden costs behind fast fashion. Taking the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh as his starting point, author Michael Lavergne traces the history of the modern fashion industry back to its roots in colonialism and slavery, and tells the story of how fashion came to be such a gigantic pillar of the global economy and how it can and must change. Lavergne pushes each reader to be thoughtful about their consumption choices and asks the fashion industry to take a hard look at itself and address the hidden consequences of the way it does business.