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From Chaos to Creativity: Building a Productivity System for Artists and Writers

by Jessie L. Kwak Author

Make Time for the Work That Matters

Art and writing can be the most fulfilling part of our lives. But it's often difficult to make space for it in our day-to-day existence, especially if we're not at the point yet where creating it is our job. Sometimes we have so many ideas it’s difficult to keep them all organized, much less maintaining a creative schedule or dedicated workspace. With all the clutter overwhelming your scattered brain (not to mention your desk), it's all too easy to fall into procrastination and disarray. From Chaos to Creativity is a series of glowing beacon. Jessie L. Kwak has written a Getting Things Done for artists and writers, drawing on her experience as a professional copywriter with a novel-writing habit, and from interviews with other authors, artists, musicians, and designers, to teach you how to focus on the good ideas, manage your project, make time in your life, and execute your passions to completion. Make great art by channeling your chaotic creative force into productive power and let the world see what you're capable of!

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Comments & Reviews


Writers make stuff up for a living, and it’s no secret we make up a lot of excuses for why things can’t get done. Kwak’s guide is a panacea for panic, and it’s the next best thing to having her come to your house and finish your project for you.


“From Chaos to Creativity makes a big promise, but as with all great ideas its simplicity makes this one sticky. The four steps are simple. Anyone can do them, and you’ll never forget them once you start, but Jessie has outsmarted other productivity systems by making a Creativity System that works with your unique brain. We’re artists, and we’re messy. That’s great. We can revel in our lunacy, but it really helps to have someone like Jessie to help us move our chaos into creativity.”


“In Chaos to Creativity, Jessie Kwak shows how we can all set up our lives so we actually accomplish our creative goals. I love that this book doesn’t have one set system that’s supposed to work for everybody, but is instead a guide to help all sorts of people figure out how to be productive. Do you have an hour on the weekend to work on your craft? Do it full time from home? Have a studio? This is a great book for helping you get yourself together and on track by setting up a creativity system that you can use even if you don’t feel super motivated, and even if you don’t have a ton of time.”