Biketopia cover featuring a costumed woman holding a bicycle above her head

Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures

by Elly Blue, Jessie L. Kwak, Gretchin Lair, Cynthia Marts and Maddy Spencer

In a world with an uncertain future, do you imagine for the best or for the worst case scenario? Twelve writers tackle extreme solarpunk utopias and apocalyptic or political dystopias—and the grey areas in between—in Biketopia, the fourth volume of the Bikes in Space series of feminist science fiction stories about bicycling. Some find love and fierce resistance in the end times; others imagine an ecological future of saving technology, with solarpunk ecotopian visions, at times paired with crushing social control. Whatever your own future or present reality, these stories will motivate and inspire you to envision something different... and maybe even better.



... the sight of this beautiful illustration of a badass woman raising a bike above her head is arresting. Add on to that these are speculative fiction, feminist, bike-centered stories? I’m sold several times over!


From love and resistance to aliens to 1984-style governmental control, these stories will speak to everyone’s fears, hopes and dreams for the future.


" a harrowing delight filled to the brim with feminism and bicycles. Surely this book belongs on the bookshelf of every Portlandian."


...a fun, unusual book that provokes some interesting speculation about how the future will look. Will we be confined to cars and other devices that record data about us and limit what actions we can independently take? Will we be wearing solar panels on our clothes and learning to patch up bike punctures as an essential survival skill? Will we be cycling as fast as possible away from the cannibals, zombies, militias, corporate fat cats, and ex-boyfriends who would do us harm?


" of the most creative and unique short story collections I have read. It brought me into worlds of zombie apocalypses, dystopic health care systems, and robot daydreams."


"...these stories will motivate and inspire you to envision something different . . . and maybe even better."


"...a deeply moving and powerful anthology. "


"Thought-provoking and disturbing, the stories demand that we face questions that, not too far down the pike, may require answers of us..."


"I always enjoy reading about strong females and this novel, the 4th in the series, does not disappoint!
Even if you are not a biker by nature this book is too fun to put down and a quick read to enjoy by a pool or large body of water."