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$35 Superpack: Write Your Book!

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Ariel Gore Author, Jessie L. Kwak Author and Joe Biel Author

Writing a book? We know, this is a hard thing to do. Here are three of our best books about how to write your own. Whether you're nurturing the seed of an idea or already deep in revisions, all three of these books have something to help you not just write the book, but make sure you're writing and packaging it in a way that it can connect with the right readers. 

  • Unfuck Your Writing helps you figure out what you want to say and how to position your ideas for maximum impact. 
  • The Wayward Writer is a power-up for your creativity, featuring exercises and publishing wisdom to get you unstuck and propel you forward.
  • And From Big Idea to Book gets you systematically on track to actually finish that book and get it out into the world.