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People's Guide to Publishing: Building a Successful, Sustainable, Meaningful Book Business From the Ground Up

by Joe Biel

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So, you want to publish books. 

Drawing on 23 years of experience operating an independent publishing company, Joe Biel has written the most accessible and comprehensive guide to running a successful publishing business. You'll learn all the skills of the trade, including how to:

  • Develop your individual books to connect with readers on a practical and emotional level
  • Choose between offset printed, digitally printed, and ebook formats and work effectively with printers
  • Build an authentic niche so you can reach your audience and sell books directly
  • Understand if and when you're ready to work with a distributor or large online retailer
  • Create a budget and predict the cost and income of each book so your company stays in the black
  • Decide what work you need to do yourself and what can be done by others
  • Plan for sustainable growth

Featuring interviews with other upstart independent publishers and funny anecdotes from publishing's long history as well as detailed charts and visuals, this book is intended both beginners looking for a realistic overview of the publishing or self-publishing process and for experienced publishers seeking a deeper understanding of accounting principles, ways to bring their books to new audiences, and how to advance their mission in a changing industry. All readers will come away with the confidence to move forward wisely and a strong sense of why publishing matters today more than ever.



fri 4/20 2:51pm

Joe Biel has a gift for looking at things a little differently. Anyone starting a publishing company or just hoping to publish one book will benefit from his perspective and experience in building Microcosm. They should read this.

thu 3/29 6:52am

Joe Biel clearly explains the mysteries of the publishing industry. He looks at the modern history of the book trade and encourages readers to become part of the current dynamic changes. Old barriers to entry have been lifted and Biel shows how to publish for fun and profit.
I’ve been involved in the book business for about 25 years. It is still very much an apprenticeship industry. With People's Guide to Publishing, Biel offers that training to readers.
As an author, publisher, and distributor, I found People's Guide to Publishing to be a succinct, readable guide to a complicated and ever-changing industry. While it is geared toward novice publishers, the clear explanations of how the book industry works – from choosing a printer to marketing lead times to sales forecasting—makes this book incredibly useful to authors and book people early in their careers.

mon 3/26 8:27am

Joyce Brabner, wife of the late comics writer Harvey Pekar, was the first person who told me I should check out Joe Biel and Microcosm Publishing. As usual Joyce gave very good advice. When I first began talking with him in 2011, one of the first things Joe said to me was that the “underground seemed bigger than the mainstream.” In other words, in his experience, books on unusual, unconventional, controversial, unpredicted or just oddball topics, could be sold in eye-popping numbers to an equally mostly undercover and definitely underserved market of thoughtful but unheeded consumers—a market kind of like him. Joe was right, and he’s spent the last 23 years or connecting directly to those consumers through the publishing program of Microcosm. His new book ‘A People’s Guide to Publishing: Building a Successful, Sustainable, Meaningful Book Business,’ provides a comprehensive look at just to do so by revealing the often seemingly mysterious processes of book publishing in a way seldom seen. He gives methodical explanations in plain language of how the commercial book trade—the Literary Industrial Complex—is structured. He details how the conventional book publishing process works—from acquisition and editing through printing, marketing and foreign rights. But even better, he offers enlightening and useful alternatives to the conventional book publishing process. He’s put together the secret sauce of alternative publishing by showing how the conventional book industry has been transformed by technologies like print on demand production, online retailing, and social media—and how Microcosm Publishing has exploited these changes. Indeed the book is about how he turned his social and cultural passions—by publishing books on sustainable practices, targeting women and minority consumers (black women buy and read more books than any demographic), as well as fringe and underground cultural and social issues—into a fast-growing business platform open to anyone with the passion to publish. Microcosm Publishing has managed to turn the underground into the mainstream, and the underground looks bigger and more exciting with every book Microcosm publishes.

fri 3/9 1:14pm

"Distills decades of industry experience and advice into an approachable guide that encourages innovation, creativity, and connecting directly with your readers. It’s the most empowering text I’ve read on publishing."

mon 2/19 4:43pm

Won with merit; Biel has succeeded in the book business for decades and has built what he has from the ground up. He knows about community, sustainability, niche markets, and taking care of your people. This guide is sure to steer you right.