Pink cover with black and gold text with an image of an eye framed by crystals above the title. There is a border of dark purple petals.

Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life

by Veronic Varlow Author

Veronica Varlow is the last daughter in a long line of Bohemian witches. Now, in her personal account about this unique style of witchcraft and magickal secrets, Varlow weaves together her knowledge of the craft with an exotic rock-and-roll style in a beguiling grimoire. Bohemian Magick is filled with potent, never-before-revealed spells, rituals, ephemera, sigils, potions, charms, and so much more.For each badass and bewitching enchantment,Varlow explains its importance, the purpose of practice, and thenecessary tools and preparation you’ll need to cast it correctly. With this witchy guide in hand, get ready to rise up, call your power back to you, realize your purpose, and make your life story truly legendary! 

(This title may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)