dark alliance by gary webb

Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion

by Gary Webb Author

On December 10, 2004, the investigative journalist Gary Webb shot himself in the head with a revolver. This didn’t quite do the job, so he put the revolver back against his temple and pulled the trigger again. What did Gary do that was so terrible he was forced to shoot himself in the head twice? Among other things, he wrote DARK ALLIANCE, blowing up the story of the CIA’s drug pipeline from Latin America to Los Angeles, as well as the Reagan’s administration use of crack money to buy munitions for the Contra guerrillas. This is also the book that immortalized Freeway Ricky Ross (the dealer, not the rapper) and exposed the unspeakably corrupt practice of asset forfeiture for drug offenders. This expanded edition offers new documentary evidence to the compulsively readable core story.