the portland stairs book by laura o. foster

Portland Stair Walks

by Laura O. Foster

Why is it so satisfying to walk up and down stairs? Maybe it's the new layers of discovery with each step up—a new far-off view and a new close-up look at the plants and buildings. Maybe it's the fleeting proximity with passing strangers. Maybe it's the great feeling of propelling yourself upward and floating downward. Maybe it's that it's the best workout you can get at under 2 mph without putting on gym clothes. Whatever it is, stairs are an excellent technology for getting yourself up or down the landscape, and Portland, Oregon has a whole lot of them built into our public sidewalk and trail infrastructure. Stair-loving pedestrians can rejoice at this great little orange volume from Laura O. Foster, who's known for her charming walking guidebooks of the region. She's gone and walked all the longest stairs, the steepest stairs, the oldest stairs, the woodsiest stairs, the most citified stairs, and more and tells you all about them—how to get there plus interesting historical and city lore along the way. You won't be able to wait to get out and explore Portland by stair!