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This Is Portland: The City You've Heard You Should Like

by Alexander Barrett Author and Andrew Dickson Author

Updated with a new edition for 2018 and 50% additional material, This is Portland is a first-hand look at a city that people can't seem to stop talking about. It's a guidebook of sorts, but not to restaurants and sightseeing. Instead, Alexander Barrett is your friendly guide to the quirky characters and atmosphere of Portland, Oregon and how fun, beautiful, and ridiculous it can be. With its approachable, often hilarious tone, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about bikes, beards, beers, rain, and everything else important about the city you've heard you should like.

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Comments & Reviews


"The fun of reading it is that it does not just talk about its different parts as if it were a manual. On the contrary, the book supposes a kind of interaction with the reader, a gastronomic suggestion and cultural leisure that makes it more attractive than most books of this type."
(translated from Spanish)


Like many Microcosm Publishing books, "This is Portland" is a small, concise book with great artwork. It’s an easy read and great souvenir for a tourist or introductory guide for newcomers.


"Its attractive cover and small dimensions make you think you are getting the ideal travel size book for this trending place called Portland.
But “This is Portland” is not a destination guide filled with hotel, restaurant and attraction recommendations. It is an explanation, a true confessions type chronicle that spells out the culture and the vibe of the city. But don’t dismay, you will most certainly be informed if or when you visit the city. In fact, you may be so enlightened by this guide you won’t even feel or look like a tourist when you arrive.
Buy, borrow or barter for this one - it is a unique treasure."


"Barrett’s witty tribute, This is Portland, is composed of micro-essays on what keeps Portland weird (and great), from $3 movies and backyard chickens to tattoos and tater tots. Another Powell’s bestseller, this Portland primer is must-read material for visitors and residents alike."


"Barrett's funny little explanations make me think I should like Portland even more than I already did."

Rose Petralia - Ink19


"If you're a newcomer to Portland, it's the letter home you're too busy to write yourself. If you're an old-time resident, it's a look into what those green-haired, skinny-jeaned young people are up to."

Kristin Belz - Portland Monthly Magazine


"This book he offers great little insights into such things as rain, Portland’s nicknames, food carts, bands, Portland drivers, strip clubs, tattoos, tater tots, snow, bikes, beer and much more.

Really, you should just read it."

Mikel Kelly - Portland Tribune


Alexander Barrett is one of the best writer/artists/musicians out there. I love his older stuff. I just ordered this book and I can't wait to read it.


"Is This is Portland the best book ever written? No. Is it the best book ever written about Portland, OR by a guy from Vermont? You bet your ass!"

-W+K 12.9