hew screw and glue by james innes-smith

Hew, Screw, and Glue: How Stuff Is Made

by James Innes-Smith Author

Did you know that the sap from the Hevea brasiliensis species of tree is transformed into condoms? That lipstick was originally made from crushed ants and carmine beetles? How about that some perfumes come from the anal glands of beavers or that mussel shells and corn cobs were once commonly used as toilet paper? Hew, Screw & Glue investigates the history and production of 30 common items, from bowling balls to donuts to paperclips to this book itself. Infographics show the step-by-step process of each from development to packaging to sale. You'll never see the everyday objects around you in the same way again (and you'll be prepared with some epic trivia to bust out as needed). Suitable for curious adults or teens.

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)