The Positively Present Guide to Life by Dani DiPirro

The Positively Present Guide to Life: How to Make the Most of Every Moment

by Dani DiPirro Author

Science shows that cultivating a positive attitude, while it can't solve life's bigger problems, really does make an impact on how you feel every day. Dani Dipirro got tired of searching for happiness from external sources and gave herself a years-long crash course in figuring out how to create her own joy. She shares what she's learned here, in condensed, practical, and actionable format. Exercises walk you through showing up ready to live your best life at home, at work, in friendship and in love, and during times of change. Break bad habits, learn to love yourself, deal with difficult personalities and cranky children, create a living space that feels good to be in, build a sustaining support network, quiet your inner critic, and more skills to help you pave the way for more good moments in your everyday life.