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Lights Camera Booze: Drinking Games for Your Favorite Movies including Anchorman, Big Lebowski, Clueless, Dirty Dancing, Fight Club, Goonies, Home Alone, Karate Kid and Many, Many More

by Kourtney Jason Author, Amanda Lanzone Author and Lauren Metz Author

Make your movie nights a little more fun with some unique cocktails and a drinking game for all of our favorite cult classic movies! It’s 80-proof fun in front of the screen when this book turns your favorite movies into awesome drinking game parodies.

Take a drink when...

-Rocky flexes in Rocky Horror Picture Show

-A customer asks "Are you open?" in Clerks

-Someone dies in Pulp Fiction

-Westley says "As you wish" in Princess Bride

-Tyler is shirtless in Fight Club

-or A Goonie swears.

So sit back, press play, and get ready to drink!