Despite Everything: The Cometbus Omnibus

Despite Everything: The Cometbus Omnibus

by Aaron Cometbus

LAST COPY! OUT OF PRINT! AND FIRST PRINTING! The long awaited collection novel of nearly 50 issues of Cometbus across 20 years. What more can be said except that Cometbus is THE classic amongst zines and this tome only makes that more clear as you can reread all of the indispensable stories again or for the first time and get that familiar warm feeling that trickles down your body. We just received forty copies of this out of print book!


avatar nick cordell 11/25/2011

very very good book. got me through many boring nights in jail

Erock 4/5/2007

This book can get you feeling motivated to do anything. It's just that powerful.

ray suburbia 3/26/2006