Days of Destruction Days of Revolt, Joe Sacco, Chris Hedges

Days of Destruction Days of Revolt

by Chris Hedges Author and Joe Sacco Author

Western civilization's all-encompassing demise

What we in the United States call Western Civilization has a consistent history of inhuman cruelty. Beginning with the Native Americans and slaves, then spreading across the globe to places like Cuba, the Philippines, Cuba, Iraq, Vietnam, Guatemala, Iran, and so on, before finally that cruel greed has come home to roost. Devastating the poor and now crippling the middle class, the forces of Western Civilization run a zero-sum game of exploitation and manipulation that hurts all but the elite super rich.

Authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco visit what they call "sacrifice zones," documenting the emptiness of the western plains, the fall of coal towns, the decay of the inner city, the exploitation of farm laborers, and more. Beautifully illustrated, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt gives voice to the voiceless and ends with the hope of the Occupy Movement.