Bumf Vol. 1: I Buggered The Kaiser

Bumf Vol. 1: I Buggered The Kaiser

by Joe Sacco Author

"They expect better things from me. They'll never put me on a stamp now," —Joe Sacco's apology in advance.


We're very familiar with the work of cartoonist/reporter Joe Sacco, whose war reportage has set the standard for citizen journalists everywhere. This is not one of those books.


This comic is a nod to Sacco's earlier days as a satirist and underground cartoonist. Bumf is childish, disgusting, beyond all hope, and we love it. Be forewarned, I can count on one hand the number of pages that doesn't have genetalia in some degree on it.


If you were expecting some comics journalism and accidently grabbed this book, you can find Joe Sacco's other serious work here.