crystals, a broom, a goblet, and a book lie around the edges of a circle made of leaves and twigs

Modern Wiccan's Guide to Living: With Witchy Rituals and Spells for Love, Luck, Wellness, and Prosperity

by Cerridwen Greenleaf Author

With this indispensable guide to modern Wiccan existence, follow author Cerridwen Greenleaf's proscriptions for success and you can't go wrong. Discover rituals and spells for all manner of purposes, to bolster and improve health, wealth, family, creativity, work, home life, self-care, love, and more. Drawing on the power of crystals, herbs, pagan altars, and colors, you can develop an arsenal of magical approaches that will allow you the flexibility to cast whatever spell best suits your needs. You'll be a capable Wicca in no time.