a painting of a sheep standing over a dead lamb in the snow surrounded by crows

I Will Die in a Foreign Land

by Kalani Pickhart Author

A work of fiction set during the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine in 2013, I Will Die In A Foreign Land traces the paths of four characters as they crisscross and overlap over the course of a harsh winter, intertwining against a background of uncertainty and state violence. Katya is a doctor. Misha is an engineer. Slava is an activist. Aleksandr is a former KGB agent. Each must navigate the hardships brought on by the political tumult, even as they find love and beauty amidst all the horror. Author Kalani Pickhart weaves this tale elegantly from a chorus of voices, deploying folklore and history to enrich the narrative fabric of the story. A powerful novel offering insight into Ukraine's recent history at a time when we could all stand to know more about this besieged country.