a painting of people and angels on the surface of the earth and the devil and his acolytes below the surface

The Devil's Atlas: An Explorer's Guide to Heavens, Hells, and Afterworlds

by Edward Brooke-Hitching Author

A one of a kind book, The Devil's Atlas explores the strange afterlives of cultures from around the world. From the parliament of demons of the ancient Maya, to the "Hell of the Flaming Rooster" of Japanese Buddhist mythology, author Edward Brooke-Hitching brings the reader along on a journey that spans the physical globe and countless metaphysical realms where the dead are imagined to be sent. Complete with full color images, maps, paintings, and more, The Devil's Atlas provides the uninitiated with glimpses into the myth making of ancient cultures, as well as into contemporary imaginings of hellscapes from a wide variety of religions and spiritual belief systems. An engrossing look at the hopes, fears, and fantasies that humans hold about what comes after our earthly lives.