Backyard Farming: Raising Pigs

Backyard Farming: Raising Pigs

by Kim Pezza Author

An accessible, affordable guide to raising pigs at home or on your farm.

This and more can all be learned from this hog how-to. According to author Kim Pezza, "Of all the animals I've raised, I think I found the most enjoyment raising pigs. I've had farm pigs as well as a potbellied pig who was litterbox trained, leash trained, and liked to go camping with me and my Australian Shepherd, Cheyenne." She offers expert advice on choosing, breeding, feeding, and keeping your pigs healthy, and speaks to people who want to raise pigs as food, as pets, or as expert detectors of smells.

5 Facts You Didn't (And Should) Know About Pigs: 1. Pigs have panoramic vision. 2. Pigs are immune to the effects of snake venom. 3. Tuscan pig cheese is a thing. 4. Piglets are born with sharp teeth. 5. Pigs can be trained for drug and explosive detection. 

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