an illustration of a woman in a floral coat with a black cat perched atop her head and sunglasses, against a purple cover

Why Am I Like This?: The Science Behind Your Weirdest Thoughts and Habits

by Dr. Jen Martin Author and Holly Jolley Author

Dr. Jen Martin has long fielded strange questions about the peculiarities of the human condition. Why do I find my teenage self to be so cringeworthy? Why am I always procrastinating? Why do smells make me all nostalgic? Why do I stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating? If you have found yourself contemplating these questions, or have other odd habits that make you ask yourself, "why am I like this?," this is the book for you. Applying science to all of our strangest wonderings about ourselves, Martin reveals the secret biological and psychological machinations behind our demeanors. An entertaining and informative read that will change the way you see yourself and others.