an illustration of a bird sitting on a cactus

Crime Pays But Art Doesn’t

by Joey Santore Author

Full of gorgeous illustrations of California's landscapes, as well as caricatures of some of the characters you'll find in it, this collection of illustrator Joey Santore's drawings is sure to wow you and make you laugh as you flip through its pages. Compiled from the art Santore produced over the last fifteen years, Crime Pays But Art Doesn't showcases Santore's eye for detail in the natural world, as well as his knack for pointed criticism of our late-capitalist culture through visual media. Santore worked for the railroad for a number of years, and so spent hours driving around rural California's sprawling open spaces. His passion for birds and scientific and botanical illustration shows through in this volume as well, with numerous elaborate sketches of some of California's native species. A beautiful addition to anyone's art collection.

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