various plants and herbs arranged above a small vial as though fumes rising out of the vial

Essential Oils for Hormone Bliss: Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight Naturally, and Improve Your Sleep

by Michelle Schoffro Cook Author

Hormones are critical for our health. They're chemical messengers that tell our body how to respond to various stimuli and regulate our vital functions. But when they're out of wack, they can cause mood swings, low energy, brain fog, skin problems, and other frustrations and health issues. In this book, learn how you can use aromatherapy and essential oils to help keep your hormones in check. Author Michelle Schoffro Cook offers meticulously researched guidance on the use of seven different oils - applied topically, inhaled, or taken internally - that provide tremendous health benefits. From managing hot flashes during menopause, to improving sleep, to alleviating thyroid problems, Cook has you covered. A valuable resource for alternative medical practices.

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