Living in Harmony with Your Cat by Enrico Ercole [An inquisitive black cat looms onto the cover.]

Living in Harmony with Your Cat

by enrico ercole Author and Marisa Vestita Author

If 88.9 million cat videos on youtube are any measure at all, cats are pretty much the cutest animals in the world. But those adorable felines also the most finicky. Bringing a new cat into your house can cause all kinds of unforeseen problems. Living in Harmony with Your Cat will guide you through all these issues, from choosing the right cat, integrating them with children, making your home cat-friendly, grooming and much more. It's a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to almost any problem that could arise with your new fuzzy friends. Whether you've adopted a shelter cat or purchased a designer breed, Living in Harmony with Your Cat is the purrfect resource.