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Be Crime Do Gay

Celebrate your criminal queerness with this gorgeous little enamel pin. Stick it on your denim jacket, your backpack, your hat, or wherever else you fancy, and stick it to all the cops and homophobes out there while you're at it!

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We raise our hands at our anarchist meetings not because were looking toward an authoritarian figure to grant us the privilege to speak but because we have come to a consensus decision to do so. That way we can write down who has something to say in order so no one is talked over or left out.


I find it truly amusing that someone is nitpicking about the picture on the cover.


If they didn't raise their hands there would be no order, hence chaos, their questions aren't answered through hierarchy.


Just because they are raising their hands to ask questions doesn't mean that they aren't anarchist or or acting in an anarchist fashion, it just means that in that situation it was more convenient for people to take turns asking questions than to all shout out at once. Anarchy isn't the lack of order, it's the lack of unquestioning following, and embracing the most effecient way of doing things without unquestioning following. If the teacher demanded that they raised their hands for no reason (if the teacher demanded a lone student to raise his/her hand, for example) then the effeciency would be ruined, and it would be ironic, and the student would be in a position to question the teacher's policy.
Just clarifying.


I find it truly amusing that on the cover, they're raising their hands to get permission to ask their anarchy questions.