four cards with three hidden behind the deck box and the first card, the deck box depicting four women sitting crosslegged in the corners reaching their hands towards the center against a pink background, and the card showing a woman holding a cup ne

The Sacred Cycles Oracle: A 50-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Jill Pyle Author, Em Dewey Author and Jessica White Illustrator

The earth moves through cycles constantly. The flux of the seasons, the birth and death of flora and fauna, the phases of the moon. We are also cyclical beings, whether that be the cycles of history, the cycles of generations, or the menstrual cycle within human bodies. This oracle deck seeks to offer guidance based on these cycles, and to increase your personal connection to the cyclical nature of existence on earth, whether you experience menstruation or not. Deepen your intuition, trust your body's impulses, gain insight into yourself and your future, and honor the constant changes we all undergo with The Sacred Cycles Oracle.