four cards with a calendar on one and a woman on each subsequent one, with the deck box picturing a woman lying on her back in a field beneath the night sky

Self-Care Wisdom Cards: A 52-Card Deck

by Cheryl Richardson Author

With this deck of cards, author Cheryl Richardson offers the user the tools they need to enhance their practice of self-care, slow down, and learn to trust themselves and their body. Richardson offers us the wisdom that, paradoxically, selfishness leads to selflessness when it comes to taking care of ourselves. By putting our own needs first, we are able to give more to the others in our life that matter to us. It's the airplane oxygen mask principle: secure your own before assisting others. These self-care cards are designed to remind you to take care of your own needs, to say no when you need to, and to give yourself the same level of care you would offer others. A great gift, or a great purchase for yourself to start your new self-care regimen.