A woman who is very likely a moon priestess stands in front of an astral background.

Queen of the Moon Oracle: Guidance through Lunar and Seasonal Energies (44 Full-Color Cards and 120-Page Guidebook)

by Stacey Demarco Author

Ever since humans evolved eyes, they've been using them to gaze up at and connect with the moon. Long ago, the moon was sacred, a goddess in the sky responsible for the cycles of light and dark, hot and cold, fertility and rest. Queen of the Moon Oracle is a time machine that allows you, the modern reader, to experience these ancient, primal energies. Featuring a full moon cycle of lunar images, you'll  experience the power provided by the seasonal moons. What's more, you'll discover the ideal lunar times for rituals, spell crafting and making talismans.

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)