Pink journal with a white image of two hands cupping a sun surrounded by stars and the phases of the moon.

Manifesting: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

by Insight Editions Author

Manifesting is the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with an intention for them to be made real. By cultivating your power of belief, you can achieve it; however, it isn't just something that can happen overnight. This journal can help you begin your manifestation journey, acting as a conscious tool for your to identify and build habits of manifestation. Designed as a 90-day support, each day contains a daily spread of exercises such as guided prompts, forms, checklists, and reflections. By journaling your daily goals and progress, you can develop your focus and mindfulness so that you can begin your manifestation as soon as possible.

(This book may contain a small black sharpie mark on the bottom edge so that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)