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The Amazing Autistic Brain Cards: 150 Cards with Strengths and Challenges for Positive Autism Discussions

by Gloria Dura-Vila Author and Rebecca Tatternorth Illustrator

Cards comprising strengths and challenges to help children and teens gain a positive understanding of their autism diagnosis This deck of cards is a resource to help professionals, parents and anyone working with autistic young people to have discussions about an Autism diagnosis in a personalised, positive, and meaningful way. The cards each show a strength, such as being inquisitive or honest, or a challenge, such as sensory difficulties or understanding emotions. The pack also includes reusable blank cards that can be personalised. The accompanying booklet provides approaches and strategies developed by Dr Dura-Vila in her clinical practice. She also shares her personal (and occasionally humorous) experiences, including tips for discussing an autism diagnosis. These accounts within inspire readers to give their best to any young person when sharing an autism diagnosis, and in the conversations that follow. A set of cards to help children and teens recently diagnosed with autism to characterise and understand their diagnosis in a positive light.