Touring Band Merch Table

Touring Band Merch Table

Band going on tour? Expand your merch table with a display case of Microcosm books, zines, stickers, buttons, and patches! 

We'll send you the basics that we know do well at punk shows, plus a rotating selection of the best zines we have in stock at the moment. 

You'll get $200 worth of stuff for $100:

• 1 Snake Pit

• 1 Scam

• 1 Crate Digger

• 1 Good Trouble

• 1 Teenage Rebels

• 1 Beyond the Music

• 1 Punk USA, 

 1 Making Stuff & Doing Things

• 1 Hot Pants 

• 1 Unsinkable

 2 Cometbus

 2 Henry & Glenn comic zines

 2 CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting zines

 2 Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

 2 How to Make Soap Without Burning Your Face Off

 10 stickers

 10 buttons 

 10 patches

AND a display box that will fit a bunch of the books and save you some table space. 

The picture shows a lot of awesome books, but your selection will probably be different. If you've got specific requests of stuff you know your fans will want, email us or make a note in the order notes and we'll work it out.