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Superpack: 2015 Year in Review

by Dawson Barrett, Alexander Barrett, Joe Biel, Elly Blue, Anna Brones, Daniel Makagon, Meggyn Pomerleau, Ryan Splint, April Streeter, Super Pack!, Bob Suren, Lisa Wilde and Helen Wildfell

Were you busy during 2015 and didn't get as much chances as you wanted to look at books? Well, we were busy too! And we've put together a collection of everything we published this year: 14 books and a movie!* We cover a lot of ground in the realm of self-empowerment, and the last twelve months have pretty much spanned it all. This selection includes (with some overlapping categories!) two cookbooks, two books with lots of information about crotch health, two graphic novels, four heavily-illustrated non-graphic novel books, two punk rock histories, three books about the power of young people to change the world, four books about bicycling, and one book of short stories about zombies and bicycles. All at an extra excellent bargain.

Here's the full list:

Aftermass — The surprising documentary history, on DVD, of how Portland, Oregon became a bicycle friendly city

Consensuality — Tools for imperfect people who want to build healthy, feminist relationships 

Crate Digger — A man's obsession with collecting punk records almost ruins his life

Hot Damn & Hell YeahA spicy southern and southwestern vegan cookbook

Hot PantsTake control of your gynecological health using herbs and practical knowledge

Manspressions When it comes to dismantling the patriarchy, laughter is a key strategy

Snake Pit Gets Old — Ben Snakepit draws a 3 panel comic about every day of his life

Teenage Rebels — Snapshots of teens throughout US history who have stood up for their (and others') rights

Yo, Miss — A graphic novel that shows what it's like to teach at an NYC second-change high school

The Culinary Cyclist — Vegetarian recipes and tips for slow, sustainable, enjoyable living and eating

Our Bodies, Our Bikes — Experiences and how-tos at the intersection of gender and bicycling

Pedal Zombies — Feminist bicycle science fiction short stories, about zombies of course

Everyday Bicycling — The updated second edition of our bicycling guide for busy people with a lot of responsibilities

This is Shanghai — A mesmerizing walk through what it's like to live in this Chinese mega city

Underground — The history of punk house shows, made accessible and super-inspiring 

That should last you a while! Enjoy your trip around our small world. Meanwhile, we'll keep busy making the next year's worth of books.

*We're not including the Urban Homesteader Box Set in this pack because it's already discounted, but you're welcome to add it on!