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$99 Superpack: 2017 Year o' Cosm

by Julia Alekseyeva Author, J. Hunter Bennett Author, Joe Biel Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Cindy Crabb Author, Stephen Duncombe Author, David A. Ensminger Author, Katie Haegele Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Sandor Ellix Katz Author, Dan Méndez Moore Author, Kelli Refer Author, Cristy Road Author and Super Pack! Author

Were you busy during 2017 and didn't get as much chances as you wanted to look at books? Well, we were busy too! And we've put together a collection of everything we published this year: 17 books and dozens of zines! We cover a lot of ground in the realm of self-empowerment, and the last twelve months have pretty much spanned it all. This selection includes (with some overlapping categories!) the Good Life, Real World, bicycle science fiction, scene history, the bicycle revolution, punx, and so much more! All at an extra excellent bargain:

Soviet Daughter — generations of Jewish women emigrate to the U.S. and radicalize!

Unfuck Your Brain — make your instincts serve your goals, life, and relationships

Basic Fermentation — Sandor's Katz's first book with 64 pages of additional, new photography and a new introduction!

Prodigal Rogerson — a real-life mystery about the disappearing songwriter of the Circle Jerks

Out of the Basement — Rockford, ILL offers a fascinating story into its homegrown Cheap Trick and punk scene

Cats I've Known — Katie Haegele wraps you in a warm blanket and introduces you to all of her friends

Indestructible — a teenage cuban queer punk fights a series of restrictive, conflicting identities

Learning Good Consent — learn how to be your best lover

Support — learn how to take care of the people you love

Things That Help — a survival guide for Trump America in style

Fix Your Clothes — a new, expanded edition of our 2012 hit, now in paperback with a new cover!

Henry & Glenn Adult Activity Book — learn to draw, dress up Glenn, and explore the many moods of our lovers.

Henry & Glenn Completely Ridiculous Edition — all of the comics in one glorious hardcover

Make a Zine — all new 20th anniversary edition about the sociology and skills of self-publishing

Notes from Underground — 20th anniversary edition celebrating the first-ever study of zines

Pedal, Stretch Breathe — yoga + bicycling = love

Six Days in Cincinnati — a graphic novel exploring the roots of movements like Black Lives Matter and racial justice

Will it take you a whole year to read? We don't know! Let us know! Enjoy your trip around our small world. Meanwhile, we'll keep busy making the next year's worth of books.