a uterus with devil horns

Patch #125Uterus Power

Project your power with this patch and let the world know that your uterus is not to be f**ked with. Stitch it onto your backpack, vest, denim jacket, overalls, t-shirt, or wherever else you feel like it. 

  • a uterus with devil horns

Comments & Reviews


this should be a sticker... i could buy one for all the girls on my derby league to stick on their helmets...


i wish this were a sticker! and a tshirt. i love this.


Great message! I had a kick for a while where I painted and drew uteruses (uteri?) and all the kids in my class thought I was nuts! This makes me happy. Thank you!


This should be screened onto a t-shirt.


That's quite clever, and makes an admirable, and noble statement. . .but I think I'd look sort of weird wearing it (as I'm male).


I didnt even know you dudes made this patch till i was shopping one day at Taryn Hipp's MYMY!!! So y'all know I totally bought one and threw it on my knap. this patch is super rad.


I love this patch. It has been on my backpack for a while and I get lots of comments on it! Either people love it or they give me a weird look, which is kind of a shame really.