a woman kicks a cop in the chin

Patch #038Woman Kicking Cop

by Eric Drooker Author

Whether you’re protesting to defund the police, or fight against the unfair ways people have been shoved into cuffs just for how they looked, it’s time to take a stand. And this time, it’s standing higher and mightier than the oppressor! Time to kick these unfair stigmas in the chin! And why not in a dress too while you’re at it? 

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love this design, hoping to see these back in stock one day soon!


people shouldn't control other people. period. some cops save some lives. some cops unjustly take them. thing here is, regardless of your intentions in donning the badge, you accept the mantle of control, and make a living exerting force as an individual arm of a legal monopoly on force, and hold power over citizens. regardless of what you do with that power, you should not have it...and in agreeing to wield it, regardless of the "type of officer" you become, you have decided the kind of person you are willing to be.


Puke On Cops


I don't know what the ratio is- but for as many people who have been rescued/helped by cops- there have been people killed by cops, beaten by cops, raped by cops, arrested by cops for no reason, tormented and humiliated and harassed by cops- especially people of color, women, people living in poverty, homeless people etc. For the people who have been helped/saved by cops or who were cops and felt they were helping the community- let's have a community where EVERYBODY helps and saves one another- and say fuck it to the police system of bullshit, abusive power, force and authority. That's why I like seeing this "woman" or person defending herself against a cop. I reccomend checking out INCITE!, an organization of women of color who confront violence, if you haven't already. That's my take on the issue.


police are the racist sexist intolerant stuck up bullys who think they are right and anyone who believe thinks or acts differently is wrong because they have badges and guns. why do you think killing a cop has worse punishment than any other person (excluding gov't officals and feds)


mobe. your still alive because of a person. pigs are tools of the state. im glad you didnt die, but i think we need to recognize that ordinary people save lives heroically everyday, more than pig cops do. i dont think that one pig saving you should change your mind on law enforcement and the state forever. if it does, you have fallen victim to their plan.


I'm biased because I was a cop. Having said that, it's a job just like everyone else works. Only the chances of getting killed can be a tad higher. A lot of us (by us I mean cops) are decent people who want the same thing as everyone else. Less corruption in the government, people caring for their homes/neighborhoods/neighbors etc. The only difference is we try to accomplish that by wearing a badge.If that makes me a "pig" or whatever..I guess that is a cross I will bear. But I know I've saved lives. *I* have. Not the system, or a random unknown entity labeled Police, but Jennifer. A former beat cop with a family to support like everyone else. Are there breaks in the system? Hell yes there are! But the answer to solving them is not blind hatred and condeming the entire group. YMMV


Also, it's not an attack against police as individuals, rather it is an attack on their departments as an establishment. The Police officer in that picture symbolises the Police force as a whole, and thus the kicking in the face symoblising abolishing a tool of the "system" it protects, which is, moreover, considered unjust and restraining.


Yeah, but if it weren't for some cops, alot of people they've confronted would be alive.


I agree, I've spoken to cops a few times and only really had a problem with them once, and then it wasn't a big one. There could just be nice enforcement types here of course, and I know there are big pig troubles elsewhere, but it's never a good idea to automatically assume people of any given group are *necessarily* going to be your enemies.
That said there ar a couple of reasons we might not need the police, and considering the wrongs they've collectivley done and will continue to do for governments and so on this could be reason enough to disband them, if indeed we don't need em. The question now is, given that not everyone's nice at all, does the existence of coppers help out the world to a great enough extent to make them worth keeping?


I felt that way too until my life was saved by an officer. I am not trying to change anyones mind, but keep it open. If you feel that strongly against "the man" I respect you opinion. However if it was not for a cop I would be dead.


...Fuck yeah.