Patch #135Bike Heart

by Matt Gauck


Hellin Killer 5/15/2008

Is there an abundance of uncute heart-shaped tar pits?

Ray 10/3/2007

I have one of these bikes. They're very difficult to ride.

Goldi-lou 5/19/2006

The other day I saw someone throw a pretty pink cruiser into the river, and then start dragging it, Chain down through the street. I saved it, but is there a bike abuse hotline or anything? There should be.

alex 5/15/2006

this looks like a bike sinking into a heart shaped tar pit...but a cute heart shaped tar pit.

rai 5/14/2006

Any combination of bicycles and hearts is a-ok with me! This is damn cute.

anonymous 5/8/2006

I'd love to see this made into a t-shirt.

perpetual hi-five 5/4/2006

That's awesome! Bike friends are the best friends.