screen printed American flag

Patch #030America, Home of the Wage Slave

Many people use the excuse of America’s past history as being just that, the past. They think that things are different now and that we are all now living in freedom. News flash: Lies! We are still shamed by stereotypes and these stereotypes harm our way of living. Even worse, America’s conditions make us work to live, never letting anyone really experience life in the process! It’s time for a wake up call and it starts here, right now! These screen-printed canvas patches have rough cut edges and come in a multitude of colors (we'll choose for you!).

Comments & Reviews


I think the onl reason the upside down flag would only be effective as a cry of distress, WHICH IS WHAT AN UPSIDE DOWN FLAG IS. Not as just a "let's piss off the nighboors."


Not to sound dumb or annoying, but i think this patch would be cooler if it was an upside-down flag (as in to piss off idiotic rednecks, because they can't read
; ) the upside down adds a more thoughtful and insitefull visual element of redneck ofensiveness!