Sticker #184: Bicycles Allowed Full Lane (square)

Sticker #184Bicycles Allowed Full Lane (square)

by Randy Albright

A sticker with the Oregon law about bike's being able to legally take up an entire lane of traffic.


avatar Randy Victory 5/30/2014

Update: The link I provided a few years ago regarding a listing of state bike laws is now dead. Here's a new link:

Randy Victory 4/1/2008

Actually, the law in Tennessee includes the same exception as Oregon state law (statute 55-8-175{c}). For a fairly complete list of state statutes (which almost always supersede local ordinance) go to:
Knowledge is power! Riders unite!

snucks 2/8/2005

i know in tennessee bikes are only alotted half the lane......

anonymous 12/19/2004

It does say Oregon. "ORS" appreviates "Oregon revised statute". See:

Wuz 12/18/2004

Yeah, but it doesn't say "Oregon" and people will be too lazy to look it up.