patch with text "bicycle allowed full lane"

big patch #101: Bicycles Allowed Full Lane

by Randy Albright Author and Joe Biel Author

In Oregon and many places across the globe, a bicycle is allowed to occupy a whole lane of traffic (alone or with a friend) if they feel their safety requires it. Why not let that annoying car behind you know by slapping this patch on the back of your jacket?

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Hi there! I have this patch on my bike bag and I absolutely love it. It’s a great conversation starter. One small note: unfortunately the print I have, like in the product photo is missing the leading “8” in “814.430(2)(C)”. It’s easily fixed with a big black marker, but just wanted to give folks a heads up in case a reprint comes along or if anyone is planning to cite or look up this law. Cheers!


I bet people in Ohio would fall for this...


i have an idea to make one about the California law 21200.


This is hot! Wish I lived in Oregon.