Sticker #123: Ride Against The Machine-Bike Liberation Front

Sticker #123Ride Against The Machine-Bike Liberation Front

by Dumpster Dave Author

Join the Bike Liberation Front today!

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Depicts a chainring, with a photo of a cyclist wearing a gas mask at the center. Around the chain ring reads: "Bike against the machine! Bike Liberation Front")

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I really like this design, I wish it was a patch though.


Hey...I'm "old and comfortable", but I commute daily, live in the saddle and advocate as much as I possibly can! Don't forget, "Young hippies with ideals are great, but old hippies with money get sh*t done!"


well, condisidering RATM is the fuckin best band ever, and how a dude with a gas mask looks kickass, I'd buy that sticker.


Ride against the machines?!!! You all know that technically a bicycle is a machine


No, Bianchi Joe, "self-masturbation" isn't redundant; it's quite possible to have someone else do the favor for you.


Hey, "anonymous": Isn't "self-masturbation" redundant? And does EVERYONE have to do something for it to be considered successful? If you could simply convince ONE person to ride his or her bike to work ONE day a week instead of driving, wouldn't that contribute something? Sorry to piss on your cornflakes, but you sound like someone who is in the habit of giving up.


You can please some of the people some of the time, and most of the people most of the time, but when the price of gas becomes affordable to only the very wealthy then all of the People will be looking for a bike.


there's a dutch saying.....the government must get rid of cars so that bicycles can get rid of the government.

think of it as evangialism without trying to get people to believe in things which are unverifiable. the more people you "convert," the more likely bikes will become the norm and cars the ones who have to fight for space on the roads. Take it from almost any perspective, and bikes are better.


don't get me wrong - i am ALL FOR riding my bike at all times possible, but how do you think it's actually going to take down the machine? no one really gives a shit whether we ride 'em or not. you'll never get EVERYONE to do it. people are either way too old or way too comfortable. i'm sorry to piss on your panther party, but it sounds like self masturbation to me...