skeleton and cars vinyl sticker

Sticker #108Skeleton & Cars

by Andy Singer Author

This sticker takes a familiar image of maggots crawling over a dead body, and reimagines it with tiny cars. 'Cause cars are death machines, and we wanna make sure to let the world know! Plus, this sticker is just pretty cool across the board.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black or pink print on a white background. Depicts a skeleton with tiny cars crawling all over it.) 

Comments & Reviews


like everything else, its a matter of responsibility. if only the people who need cars drove them, it wouldnt be 90% of the problem it is. its not the cars themselves, its just another example of human irresponsibility!


I don't like cars, either, but they are sometimes necessary. My late father the last few years of his life was physically incapable of riding a bike or even walking very far, but he could still drive. Without a car he would have been housebound. Sometimes one has to travel distances longer than are practicable by bike, or to places where it is difficult to get to by bike, or to transport things to large or heavy for a bike. I am all for there being fewer cars, and for alternative modes of transportation being used whenever possible, but sometimes a car is the best tool for the job.


Cars are a fucking cancer. Some people are against cars only when it's convenient to go without one. I hate the fucking things even more now that I own one for my job. It's a racket and a sham. If cities were designed better and more money given to support and invest in public transit, we wouldn't need cars. If more people rode bikes, there wouldn't be so many lardasses dying of heart disease (the #1 killer in America).


because cars kill humanity


like flies, maggots, etc.


Why are there cars coming out of a dead body?