a black vinyl sticker with the words Fight Patriotism in white text

Sticker #043Fight Patriotism

by Joe Biel Author

We've all got battles to fight. And Patriotism is really not all that far off from Fascism.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black background. Reads: "fight patriotism.")

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Excellent sticker! I almost want to buy a car just to put this on the bumper! I've never seen the point in getting orgasmic about my mailing address. Even if I had been at one time, a country that gives us two Bushes and a Reagan all within 20 years is worthy of neither respect nor loyalty. Not being a bootlicker--uh, patriot--I either stay seated or thumb my nose during the national anthem. All who feel likewise, do the same!


I would say that they aren't confusing the meanings the meaning of patriotism, but using the term in the way many conservative politicians have used it: we are better than everyone so lets bomb them to death.


I think almost everyone here is switching the meanings of Patriotism and fascism. Patriotism good. Fascism bad. Not the other way around. And Joe, do you smoke pot?


i put this sticker on my car. I think its why my car got keyed


Duty, honor, freedom, and hard work IS patriotism. And if America was fascist, Anarcho, you would be tracked down and put in prison for saying that. Oh and you don't have to support wars or the people leading them to be patriotic, just support those who are fighting them. And I hope you all know that just by buying something in the US you are being somewhat patriotic. And patriotism doesn't have to be the love of ONE country, just the place you call home, if thats the US then so be it.


This reminds me of one of my favorite quote "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious" -Oscar Wilde


Hey, Phat - That's a crock. Because of duty, honor, freedom and hard work we have the opportunity, not patriotism. Don't mistake the advertising for the effort.


Because of patriotism you have the opportunity to make all of these statements. You're welcome.


Patriotism isn't "my country right or wrong" is it? Wouldn't defending the country against fascism, and maybe even just resisting fascism be patriotic?


This is the best sticker you guys have; seriously.
The whole root of what's wrong with Bush the Lesser's Amerika summed up in two words.


I totally agree with this. Patriotism is just the shroud of the American flag covering up the stench of the rotting morals of American Society.


I agree and disagree with this. I define patriotism as the love of your own country, america is fascist but then again, the government doesn't match the people. Most of the people don't intend to be ignorant racists, they are informed wrongly and become something that they would otherwise hate to be. Don't get me wrong, smash the state, but don't sink to their level of stupidity.


Patriotism goes hand in hand with rampant jingoism and militarism.


hell yea because the love of one country leads to the hate of all others

While it seems you love America, "Dan", I don't think it's terribly relevant that fascism would limit "Anarcho"'s freedom of speech, as he is clearly interested in anarchism. More importantly I think it's healthy and patriotic to question the military actions of your country more so than "supporting the troops" which is a thinly veiled way of encouraging war support. Most importantly, this sticker is kind of a joke and way to channel frustration about everything calling us to "be patriotic".