20th Anniversary Microcosm Publishing Sweatshirt

Biking Superhero Sweatshirt

by Joe Biel Author

Celebrate 20 years in comfy style!

We feel strongly about making affordable clothing in an ethical manner as much as possible! It's increasingly difficult to find fair trade, American-made sweatshirts. Even most of the companies that generally make their products ethically cannot make "cost-effective" sweatshirts in the U.S. And now with Dov out of the picture, we decided to go with American Apparel as the best option. To be "down" we are selling them for almost half of what American Apparel sells them for blank! They are super snuggly and comfortable. 

XS 13-3/4" SM 15-3/4" MED 17-3/4" LG 19-3/4" XL 21-3/4" 2X 23-1/4. 


Comments & Reviews


cozy, soft and comfy! Thanks!


This sweatshirt is so ridiculously wonderful.


This hoodie survived my first real wild caving experience. Crawling through sand and rocks... rocked... You guys rock. This hoodie rocks.


I love american apparel hoodies, and appreciate your efforts to find ethically made apparel. If I may help out some, No Sweat is a company that also makes some nice screenprint ready gear as well. Keep up the good fight!


I have this hoodie and it is awesome. It is so soft and comfy. Now if my girlfriend would just give it back...