Anarchism, Marxism, and Hope for the Future

Anarchism, Marxism, and Hope for the Future

by Noam Chomsky

A wide ranging interview, conducted by the Irish anarchist journal Red & Black Revolution in 1995, exploring Noam's introduction to, and views on, the above.



I think Metro Chorney must have misunderstood something, because this 'zine is basically just an interview with Noam Chomsky. The interviewer basically asks how he feels about Anarchism, Marxism (and other Communist-based philosophies like Leninism), and the future of those ideologies. It was a great read. I let my English teacher borrow a few days ago. He hasn't returned it yet. :-D


I know i'm barking up the wrong tree here, but Marxism, Communism & Socialism are about as far from Anarchism as you can get, despite both having smelly student followers. Anyhow, I would suggest that those who have a "hope for the future" don't invest their energy in these tried & obviously incredibly flawed political ideologies & intead, take a look at the actual world around them & make up their own minds. The quest for Socialism has caused an incredible amount of suffering around the world, despite Socialist's monopoly on political do-gooding.