Razorblades & Aspirin #13

Razorblades & Aspirin #13

by Michael Thorn Author

WOW! In addition to killer photo, after killer photo, this issue's got a lengthy interview with the legendary Jerry A of POISON IDEA. Plus filmmaker Otto Buj on his Detroit Hardcore doc Dope, Hookers & Pavement. New photos of Negative Approach, Necros, L-Seven, and more! Also: producer/Rough Francis drummer, Urian Hackney, about finding out that his father was in Death, one of the first ever punk bands! Plus...how his bandmate stormed the capital. Not enough? Maybe Swedish ragers EXIL, Mass-holes RESTRAINING ORDER, Seattle punks FILTH IS ETERNAL and SoCal rippers ZULU, John Rash about the Southern Punk Archive, the minds behind labels Extinction Burst and Convulse, photographers Senny Mau, Erik Phillips, R. Ramos & Albert Licano will get you excited? 

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" For an excellent and brief (but jam-packed) introduction to home brewing, I would recommend the Brew Not Bombs zine by the Baltimore chapter of the activist group of the same name."