an illustration of a crying woman praying in front of a background of flames

God Hates Me: A Life Derailed By The Westboro Baptist Church Cult

by JT Yost Author

In this brutal recounting of Lauren Drain's experience with the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, their abusive family, and ultimate escape, author and illustrator J.T. Yost brings the reader into the world of WBC to reveal its bigoted machinations. Using comics depicting the dynamic at home as well as at the church, Yost shows the reader the toxic theology of Westboro Baptist Church in all its Calvinist and Puritanical horror. Drain's family is kept under the thumb of her violent and authoritarian father, and Drain is ultimately spared from a life under the auspices of the WBC because her father kicks her out after discovering her DMs with a boy outside of the church. A moving and enraging zine, God Hates Me shows the depths of the depravity of certain strains of American evangelicalism and the difficulties of extricating someone from the unforgiving theological rules that govern the would-be faithful.