Scam #5 1/2: Epicenter of Crime: The Hunt's Donuts Story

Scam #5 1/2: Epicenter of Crime: The Hunt's Donuts Story

by Erica Dawn Lyle Author

Scam was always the zine in which the Miami punk, Erick Lyle, showed us examples of creative resistance and fun in a world run rotten with poverty and war. Whether it was handing out fake starbucks coupons for free coffee, dropping flyers on mall-goer's heads that say "aren't you glad this isn't a bomb?" or having punk shows in laundromats, Erick has shown us over the years that you can resist capitalism and have fun AND have a sense of humour at the same time. It's nine years later and this issue is no exception. This issue finds Erick, more than ever, preoccupied with the passage of time, in the form of obsessing and waxing poetic about the history and demise of one of the Mission's strangest and most beautiful corner stones, Hunt's Donuts. Imagine a place where you always look first when something is stolen from you to find a simple crook pawning it inside the donut shop, where "Open 25 hours" somehow makes sense, where you never imagine that the dream can come to an end. A fun little foray for those of us obsessed (or soon to be) with classic Bay Area history.

Comments & Reviews


Only my favourite zine of the last five years! Radical history done so entertainingly you wish it would last forever. Like Hunts I guess.


I remember it well and shot a 3-minute-long super 8 film of the incredible epileptic neon sign shortly before it disappeared forever. An excellent history; I've ordered 4 copies of this so far and given 3 away. Nice job.


This zine is beautiful and amazing! I was totally engrossed and could not pull myself out of it - everyone should get this.