Warning Signs of the Huli Jings

The Warning Signs of the Huli Jings: Discover the Narcissists Disguising Themselves as Our Co-Workers, Friends, or Family

by Jenn Truong Author

Take care and be aware! The name Huli Jing translates to "fox spirit" in Chinese. In several East Asian traditions, Huli Jings are depicted as mischievous, deceitful shapeshifters who often disguise themselves as humans to wreak toxic havoc upon families and communities. Jenn Truong makes the case that modern-day Huli Jings are people exhibiting the behavior we refer to today as narcissism—self-absorption, cruelty, controlling patterns, manipulation, triangulation, gaslighting, and energy-zapping. She walks through how to spot this behavior and protect yourself from it with compassion and good boundaries. Includes some rad art, a glossary, and a bunch of mental health and safety resources.