The Floor is Lava

The Floor Is Lava: An Erotic Fantasy (Queering Consent)

by Nicholai Avigdor Melamed Author

A steamy tale of queer sex and affection. The story follows Alex Mazor and his lover Matt as they navigate the sometimes tough terrain of being visibly queer in a big city. Though Alex reflects on the negative experiences in his past and the indignity he is made to feel by cis onlookers, this story is ultimately a tender and triumphant one of queer affection as Alex and Matt get it on without fear of how others might perceive their intimacy. The zine is made more beautiful (and even more steamy!) by the writer's drawings interspersed throughout the story. This is the third of a three-part story, that can be enjoyed on its own or after reading A Study in Charcoal and Saint Sebastian.