Beneath His Omega (Queering Consent)

Beneath His Omega (Queering Consent)

by S. Park Author

Hunky former football player Carlton and his boyfriend Tony seem from the outside like your typical alpha/omega pairing. They work together at the same tech company by day, but at night their roles are the opposite of what everyone assumes: Tony loves to take the lead and Carlton, who'd always thought of himself as a straight alpha, is finding his kinky bliss in this queer relationship. New pharmaceuticals have led to sexual ranks and norms being challenged, where alpha/alpha and omega/omega pairings are becoming more common and omegas like Tony can top and dominate, much to the couple's mutual satisfaction. After an awkward encounter with their manager, they head home to take their relationship to a new level.

This m/m high heat BDSM short story is part of the Queering Consent series. 

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This is a standalone sequel to one of the stories in S. Park's Even Cowbots Get Blue Balls