Wildlifoodn #2 zine cover

Wildlifoodin #2

by Matt Hansen

This issue continues the weaving together of questions (and some answers) about food, subsistence, survival, domestication, fire, ecology, and the responsibilities of a practicing primitive (primie!). The author has spent lunar cycles living off of a 100% hunted and gathered diet. Written in isolation in the woods, it's part how-to, part journal, and part theory about living the life that could last on the planet after the inevitable collapse of civilization, what skills would be necessary, and what that life would look like. And all of this adds up to tons information of information on how to live outside of civilization: encountering a bear, patriarchy, capitalism, environmental collapse, the need for fats and amino acids to break down protein, nutrition of wild foods, boiling/drying/leeching, identifying plants, plant stewarding, conflicts of living permanently in one place, a digging stick, eating insects, building shelter, how to build a fire, nature's rebuilding of soil, bioremediation, setting traps, and much, much more. Before shit hits the fan, these are the zines to grab!