an illustration of a creepy corpsey alien


by Eric Williamson Author and NXOOED Author

In this first issue of this new zine, author Eric Williamson and illustrator NXOEED bring together macabre illustrations with poetic phrasing to create Miscreant. Fusing NXOEED's penchant for all things alien and spooky with Williamson's otherwordly prose, the comic shorts gathered here each capture a moment, a feeling, or a vibe. Each page of Miscreant will speak to each reader in a different way. Fans of NXOEED's other work will appreciate the artwork in this new zine, and DIY zinesters of all stripes will appreciate the thirty year voyage Williamson and NXOEED have undergone together - since the time they were fifth graders printing their comics at the convenience store down the street - to arrive at this point.